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Aglaonema is known for its beautiful foliage, good growth habit, and excellent performance indoors. It is easy to grow and requires little to no maintenance. Not only are they striking, they help purify the air by removing unhealthy organic compounds. Aglaonema gives a lush welcoming presence placed anywhere indoors. Resistant to disease.


We have 3 varieties of Agleonema:


  • Maria is a gorgeous aglaonema! She has dark green camo-print leaves.
  • Silver Bay has striking variegated leaves with patterns of dark to silvery-green leaves.
  • Siam Aurora features light pink stems and glossy leaves mottled with reds, pinks, and greens. These stunning colors vary depending on the amount of sunlight it gets.




Let soil dry out between waterings. Poke your finger down the side of the pot - the top two inches should be dry before re-watering. Never let the soil get overly soggy or swampy. Water a little at a time so you don't over-water. Rotate regularly, as it prone to turning her leaves to the light source.  Agleonema will show you if she's thirsty! Her leaves will droop a bit. When you water, it will pop back up! 



Agleonma are native to the forest floors of Asia, and therefore like indirect filtered light - and can do well in medium to low light conditions. Never place right up against a hot window. A few feet from a window is great.

Agleonema - Chinese Evergreen

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