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One air plants in a glass terrarium setting.  The air plants sit on top of a bed of small colorful pebbles and sand.  This easy-to-care-for terrarium is perfect for offices, kitchens, side tables, or anywhere a little accent piece is needed to add a touch of nature to the space. Make sure your terrarium receives bright but indirect light. Mist or dunk the plant weekly to keep it hydrated.


Air plants (Tillandsia) are a fascinating contemporary gardening trend. These perennial evergreen plants are one of the easiest to grow species of plants out there. Unlike most plants, air plants don’t require soil, so they can grow almost anywhere. Air plants do not need soil. In fact, soil will cause your air plant to rot and die. They grow in air rather than in soil, and they absorb water through small scales on the surface of the air plant’s leaves. These scales can be rubbed off easily; so don’t handle your air plant any more than necessary. Since air is an important element for your plant’s survival, encourage plenty of air circulation.

Air Plant Terrarium

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