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Abundantly sweet-flavored mini personal-sized, 1-2 pound fruits are 6” by 3” and grow on compact space-saving vines; producing 3-4 per plant. Resists powdery mildew. Mid-sized fruit with outstanding flavor and texture set on compact, semi-bush plants. Vines are short and manageable, making this a great candidate for the container garden, the home garden, and for tight plant spacing for increased production in the field. An AAS winner for its performance and exceptionally sweet, complex flavor.

Butterscotch Butternut Squash

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Expected to be ready in early May
  • When the soil temperature reaches an average of 60 degrees F, plant the seedlings in very rich soil 8-10' apart in rows 10-12' apart. Another option is to plant the seedlings in hills of two, 8-10' apart. 

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