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Plant these easy-care, full-sun annuals, and you’ll have a months-long flower show. They’ll bloom right through whatever summer throws at them. Blazing heat, humidity, or dry soil poses no problems to these durable plants. Pl

Celosia blooms in nearly every color of the rainbow and boasts feathery plumes of flowers (some varieties can produce wavy, crinkled flower heads that are especially fun to grow). They make long-lasting cut and dried flowers, but any blooms you leave in the garden are sure to draw all sorts of pollinators, especially bumblebees. Some celosia varieties can get quite large, so place them where they’ll have room to expand.

These eye-catching, easy-care full-sun annuals come in many stunning varieties, such as ‘Dragon’s Breath,’ which has bright red plumes and purple-flushed foliage, and ‘Century Mix,’ which gives the garden a tropical feel by blooming in shades of yellow, red, orange, or magenta.


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