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The Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides), also known as pancake plant, UFO plant, coin plant, or friendship plant, is Native to Southeast Asia, growing naturally along the base of the Himalayan mountains. Known for their unique circular leaves which stick out on long stalks from the main green-brown stem, the shiny leaves can reach a diameter of over 6". Though they rarely bloom when kept as houseplants, their flowers are delicate and inconspicuous.    


Chinese money plants are easy to propagate, and a healthy plant will produce plenty of offshoots that you can separate to create more plants—one of the reasons it is called the friendship plant. Share them with friends, or keep them for yourself. Once you have a pancake plant, you will never need to buy another one!  


While Chinese money plants do not require much water, you should never let the soil dry out completely either. Water regularly with a little water and pour away any excess – your pilea should never be standing in water. To check if your plant needs watering, simply use your finger to feel about an inch into the soil. If the top layer is dry, water your pilea.


Chinese money plants will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Pruning Chinese money plants is not strictly necessary, but if your plant is looking leggy, you can shorten the main stem in spring. This will not only help make the plant grow more compact but can also stimulate older plants to sprout new shoots.


Pilea plants are not poisonous, so there is no need to worry as they pose no danger to pets or children.

Chinese Money Plant

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