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Unlike other Peperomia plants, Peperomia Hope grows in a trailing habit, earning it the nickname “Trailing Jade.” It’s a fairly easy plant to grow. It is a succulent and as such has some specific watering requirements, but they are simple requirements to follow.

Peperomia Hope is a combination of two different Peperomia plants, earning it the name Peperomia deppeana×quadrifolia. This plant comes from Central and South America, and prefers higher levels of water and humidity. Because the plant is a succulent and as such prone to root rot, it’s important to find a balance when watering. The recommended watering method is actually quite simple: keep the soil relatively moist in Summer and Spring (during the grown period), and allow it to dry out between waterings in the Fall and Summer. As the plant grows, it will use more water more frequently, and during the winter the growing season will end and the plant will rest and use less water than it did during the previous seasons.

Peperomia Hope

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