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You will receive the exact plant shown in the photos. It comes with a green grower's pot and saucer.


Mammillaria elegans, also known as Elegant Nipple Cactus, is a spherical cactus with dense white spines. What sets it apart from other cacti, is its tightly packed, concentrically arranged tubercles, from each of which a starburst of creamy spines emerges. Viewed altogether, these spines form a mesmerizing layer of almost wooly texture, lending at once both a swirled and a polka-dotted appearance to this truly elegant specimen.  Long-lasting rings of magenta-colored flowers provide a beautiful contrast to the white wooly body. It is native to Mexico and can reach up to 8 inches in height when given bright to direct sunlight.

Elegant Nipple Cactus

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  •  Like most cacti, Elegant Nipple Cactus is drought tolerant and needs very little care and attention to grow well. Plenty of sunshine will keep this cactus more than happy. Provide bright, even light to encourage tight growth and flowering. Some shade during a hot summer day can be helpful to prevent sunburn.

    Allow the soil mix to become nearly dry between watering, but then water thoroughly. Suspend watering in the winter, but mist occasionally. Not enough sunlight and over-watering are common mistakes. This cactus is not tolerant to frost or cold temps.

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