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Heavy yields of thick-walled, medium-hot peppers from a hybrid that was developed for making salsa. Great for adding a zesty kick to homemade salsas, but also chili and other dishes. Turn red as they mature. Expect these long, skinny peppers to reach 8 or 9 inches long but just about an inch in diameter at the widest point (the shoulders). The skin is thin, glossy, and firm, protecting the succulent flesh within, you can even dry Garden Salsa Hybrid and then grind it into spice.


Adaptable and generous with the yields, this is a dependable pepper you will come back to season after season in the vegetable garden. The plant's resistance to tobacco mosaic virus makes it far more likely to deliver big crops every time. Scoville rating 2000 – 4,500 (medium heat). This pepper was named by my dad, Jim Waltrip. 

Garden Salsa Pepper

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Expected to be ready in early May
  • Plant directly into rich soil, 30” apart or into large 5-gallon containers. Plant peppers outdoors on a cloudy day, just prior to getting rain. Plant when soil is warm, at least 2 weeks after last frost, and when temperatures remain above 70 F.

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