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You will receive the exact plant shown in the photo. This succulent is potted in a small terracotta pot with small rocks, organic charcoal, and sphagnum moss in the bottom. This creates space for water drainage and prevents fungus and rot. The soil is a cactus/succulent mix and small white pebbles are used as a top dressing. The container does not have drainage holes, so we recommend watering with a small squeeze bottle as shown in the 2nd photo. You can purchase one of these bottles from us separately for $4 if desired.


Learn More About The Ghost Plant!


With its whiteish-grey pointed leaves and trailing rosette form, ghost plants add a modern touch to container and rock gardens. The rosettes are typically about four inches in diameter and will take a blue-gray hue in partial shade or a pinkish-yellow tone in hot, full sun. 


The 'Ghost' name comes from its pale color. This is due to a coating of white, powdery-looking wax known as 'farina'. Many succulents have developed this as a way of protecting their leaves from harsh sunlight.


Like many succulents, the Ghost Plant is low-maintenance if you meet its basic growing requirements. Good drainage, abundant sunlight, and scant irrigation are the keys to a healthy ghost plant that will soon be producing new offshoots for you to propagate. 


Ghost Plants don’t need water often, only when their soil is completely dry. Since these succulents are especially drought-resistant, you can wait until the leaves start to shrivel slightly before watering. To ensure your Ghost Plant is deeply watered, use a succulent watering bottle. Ghost Plants are safe to have around pets and children.

Ghost Plant (Graptopetulum paraguayense)

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