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The rare and prized Greek strain found pickled in gourmet produce departments. The Pepperoncini Greek Golden pepper plant is a high-yielding, prolific plant that matures early, and you can expect to harvest these sweet, tangy 2 to 4-in. peppers around 60 to 70 days. They ripen from green, yellow, finally to red, but they should be harvested when they turn yellow for their delicious flavors that many people favor. 


Fun Fact: There are two primary types of pepperoncini peppers – Greek and Italian.  The Greek pepper is shorter, sweeter, and less bitter than the Italian variety.  The Italian variety grows a bit longer.  However, they both offer a similar mild heat.

Golden Greek Pepperoncini

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Expected to be ready in early May
  • Plant directly into rich soil, 30” apart or into large 5-gallon containers. Plant peppers outdoors on a cloudy day, just prior to getting rain. Plant when soil is warm, at least 2 weeks after last frost, and when temperatures remain above 70 F.

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