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Golden Wax Bean is an heirloom favorite due to its buttery flavor and crisp texture. This is a bush bean variety that produces upright plants averaging 16″ tall. Plants are high-yielding and perform well across a wide variety of planting zones. The golden-yellow pods are 5-6″ long and stringless.



Golden Wax Bean

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Expected to be ready in early May
  • Space bean seedlings to 6 to 8 inches apart, and begin training them up a pole or other support from a young age. If picked promptly, the crop should continue through fall, until nipped back by cold weather.

    During the growth, mulch the plants in well to keep moisture in the soil. Beans are shallow-rooted, and they can be watered several times a week in the heat of the summer. Light feeders, they actually improve the soil as they grow, helping fix nitrogen that plants need for optimal growth. 

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