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Hoya carnosa, also known as porcelain flower or wax plant is a commonly grown houseplant. It has long slender vines covered with waxy, deep green leathery leaves sometimes flecked with silver or creamy white. Bright indirect light year-round is ideal. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.  Too wet or too dry soil can cause the leaves to drop.  Wax plants love high humidity and the foliage appreciates misting. 


This low maintenance plant should be repotted when it outgrows its current container.  It appreciates being nearly pot bound, however, at some point may need to be moved to a larger pot.  The new pot should not be more than 2" larger than the existing.  When repotting, ensure that the plant is not budding or flowering.  At that point, repotting can lead to dropped buds or flowers.  

Hoya carnosa

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