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Delosperma echinatum, also known as the 'Pickle Plant', is a unique and attractive succulent plant native to South Africa. It is a small, evergreen shrub with thin wiry stems that hold pairs of barrel-shaped leaves. The leaves are light green and covered in short, white, bristly hairs, which give them a spiny appearance. However, the hairs are actually soft and harmless.

The pickle plant is characterized by its cylindrical green stems covered in small, fleshy leaves that resemble tiny Gherkin pickles or bristles. The green fleshy leaves have white bristles on them. These leaves are densely packed along the stems, giving the plant a dense and compact growth habit. The stems can reach up to 6 inches in height and spread outwards as they grow.

One of the remarkable features of the plant is its ability to thrive in arid conditions. It is well-adapted to survive in dry environments with limited water availability. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a resilient and drought-tolerant plant. It is well-suited for xeriscaping gardens or as a potted plant where it can be placed on windowsills or outdoor patios

Hoya cumingiana

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