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You will receive the exact plant should in the photos, including the decorative plastic pot. As of 2/11/23, this plant is preparing to flower!


Lace Aloe has attractive rosettes with white bumps and yellow spots on dark green leaves with lacy edges and soft white spines. It belongs to a genus of flowering plants native to South Africa. It doesn't get very big. It looks like a dwarf version of larger plants in the Aloe family. It produces tubular orange-red flowers on long stalks every year.


It will produce off-sets of "Aloe pups", which can easily be removed from the mother plant and potted in well-draining cactus soil. Keep the offsets away from direct sunlight and water moderately. You should see signs of new growth within a couple of weeks.

Lace Aloe

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  • The Lace Aloe grows best in bright light, but not direct sunlight. If moved outdoors, it cannot tolerate temps below 50 degrees. Allow to dry out between waterings. 

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