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Max's Gold zucchini is flavorful and firm on the inside and is a beautiful color on the outside. Long straight fruits have a small seed cavity, meaning there's more delicious squash to eat. Yields plenty of vibrant, deep golden yellow, shiny fruits. Plants generally grow 36 in. tall and wide with an open habit and low spines. It's ideal for grilling, snacking on fresh, or adding to salads. 


10 Seeds per Packet

Max's Gold Zucchini Seeds

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  • Summer squash ripens during the hot summer months and, thin-skinned, is best eaten fresh. Sow seeds 1 inch deep directly into the garden after the danger of frost is past. Thin the seedlings to 24 inches apart, or plant several seeds in hills 4 feet apart and then thin to 2 plants per hill. For even earlier harvests, start seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings as soon as they have 2 sets of true leaves and the spring soil has warmed up. Harvest frequently so that plants continue to produce throughout the summer months. Plant again in midsummer for a fall crop.

    Native to North America, squash was grown for years by indigenous peoples as part of the Three Sisters planting. This is a symbiotic combination planting involving corn, beans, and squash (and occasionally a Fourth Sister, sunflower). In this arrangement, the bean vines climb the corn stalks, while the ground hugging squash foliage offers protection to the roots of the bean and corn. Try a Three Sisters planting of your own this year with these fine native vegetables.

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