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Behold the Monstera Deliciosa, a botanical masterpiece that captivates with its broad, glossy leaves and intricate perforations. Its lush foliage showcases nature's artistry, adding a touch of exotic elegance to your living space. The Monstera Deliciosa is considered an easy-care plant, requiring very little attention to grow full and lush in your home over time.


Monstera are species of evergreen tropical vines and shrubs that are native to Central America. They are famous for their natural leaf-holes, which has led to the rise of their nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant. The Monstera's leaf-holes are called fenestrations and are theorized to maximize sun fleck capture on the forest floor by increasing the spread of the leaf while decreasing the mass of leaf cells to support.


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light. Pro tip: Monsteras can benefit from filtered water or water left out overnight before using. As the plant matures, it will develop the signature fenestrated leaves. Thrives in medium to indirect bright sunlight. Can adapt to low light, though growth will slow.


Monsteras are unfortunately toxic for cats and dogs. That said, they have a relatively low toxicity, and unlike some other plants, will not cause major harm to your pets unless copious quantities are ingested.

Monstera Deliciosa - Medium

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