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You will receive the exact plant shown in the photo. This Monstera Green Galaxy plant has been transplanted in fresh potting mix and includes a decorative plastic plant pot.


Monstera Peru (also called Green Galaxy Monstera) is a rare, exotic, and trendy houseplant that features fabulously textured foliage. Unlike other more common monstera varieties, the leaves have a decidedly ripped, almost corrugated appearance. This characteristic gives the plant a distinctive look that sets it apart from other houseplants.

The plant has similar growing needs to other monstera varieties, as well as many pothos and philodendron varieties, making it an ideal selection to grow with them. It’s also an elegant choice trailing from a hanging basket or horizontally across a tabletop, mantle, or desk. As it grows, it can easily climb more than 6 feet indoors, though it’s a relatively slow grower compared to Golden Pothos or Brasil Philodendron.

Monstera Green Galaxy (Monstera Peru)

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  • Light

    Grow Monstera Green Galaxy where it gets medium to bright light. That means it should create a medium to strong shadow throughout much of the day. Happily, it doesn’t require natural sunlight: This monstera enjoys both natural and artificial light. But avoid too much direct sun. A lot of intense, direct light can cause unsightly sunburn (which shows up as bleached spots on the leaves).



    Like most other houseplants, Monstera Green Galaxy is sensitive to overwatering. Always let the top two or three inches (for small pots) of the potting mix dry before adding more water again. It has relatively thick leaves, which allow it to tolerate drying out for short periods. Overwatering can cause the leaves to go yellow and drop prematurely.


    Temp & Humidity

    Give this plant average to above-average relative humidity levels indoors. If your home or office has particularly dry air, the plant will appreciate it if you boost ambient moisture levels. One easy way to do this is to group your Monstera in a cluster with other houseplants. You can also mist your plant or place a small humidifier nearby. 



    Monstera Green Galaxy isn’t a particularly hungry plant, so you can fertilize it in spring and summer if you wish. For faster growth, you can fertilize more frequently. Select a fertilizer formulated for use on houseplants or container plants.



    All monstera species are considered toxic if eaten.


    Sad Plant Signs

    Curling leaves almost always indicate that a plant is underwatered. Give it a good watering or consider soaking the whole pot to really help it perk up. Be sure to let any excess water drain away fully.


    Yellowing leaves usually means overwatering. If the soil feels moist, let the plant dry out a bit. If it feels VERY wet or the leaves are getting black and mushy, remove from soil. Check the roots and remove any black, mushy roots. Repot in fresh soil.


    Brown, crispy leaves indicate that a plant is getting too much sun or severely under watered.


    The texture of these leaves makes them accumulate dust. Clean them regularly to keep them clean and photosynthesizing well.

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