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Cobra Monstera (Monstera standleyana Albo-Variegata) is an easy-care variegated houseplant that's super trendy and easy to grow. It shows off lovely variegated foliage -- the leaves are splashed and streaked with creamy white. Each leaf will be different -- some may have lots of variegation, and others will have little to no variegation. It's exciting to watch each new leaf unfurl! 

A climbing houseplant, you can grow it on a moss pole or totem, or up a trellis. If you prefer, you can also let it trail from a hanging basket, or let it scramble horizontally along a well-lit mantle or tabletop. Over time, it can grow quite large -- more than 6 feet -- in good growing conditions.

Monstera Cobra (Albo Variegated)

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