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If you’re an indoor plant enthusiast, then you might want to add the Neon Pothos to your collection. Its vibrant and eye-catching leaves are a delightful addition to any room decor. Plus, these low-maintenance houseplants grow well in pots or in a hanging basket. The beautiful vines trail out for a stunning look.

This type of pothos is native to the tropical Solomon Islands in Oceania and can grow healthy in other subtropical climates like Asia and Australia. This bright plant is characterized by its vining growth habit, neon green color, and heart-shaped leaves. The best part about this plant is that it’s excellent for beginners and those with a notoriously brown thumb.

What’s best is that neon pothos is very low-maintenance and easy to take care of; they can adapt to different lighting, and while they appreciate being watered regularly, these plants bounce back quickly with a bit of water if you forget to water them every once in a while.

Neon Pothos

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