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1943 AAS Winner. Still continuing to prove its adaptability and reliability! Golden-orange, round fruits are smooth, blemish-free and meaty, with a mild, sweet, delectable flavor. Prolific plant needs support. Indeterminate.

Orange Jubilee

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Color: orange
  • Plant outdoors when danger of frost is past and night temperatures consistently remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If an unexpected late frost is forecasted, protect young plants with plastic sheeting or other cover. Set plants 2 to 3 feet apart. Tomatoes can be buried up to the top 2 sets of leaves.


    Plant tomato plants in well-drained soil and keep them well-watered but not soggy, watering at the soil level rather than with an overhead sprinkler as much as possible. Place a tomato cage over the plant when you first plant it to provide support, or use another trellising method. You may want to choose an organic fertilizer formulated specially for tomatoes.

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