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Oregano is an annual herb that is grown almost exclusively for culinary use. It grows on average to 35 cm, (14") tall.  A sprawling plant which features pungently aromatic, flavorful, oval, dark green leaves which are commonly used in cooking as a seasoning.  Best leaf flavor usually occurs just prior to flowering, but the quality of flavor can vary considerably from plant to plant.  Tiny, white to rosy pink flowers appear in loose spikes  throughout the summer.


500 seeds per packet

Oregano Seeds

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  • Start indoors in plug trays or small pots from February to April.  Starting indoors is more reliable than direct sowing.  Sow the seeds on the surface of dampened, sterilized seed starting mix under bright light with bottom heat. Keep watering to a minimum.  After seeding or transplanting, keep the soil moist and well weeded. When seedlings are large enough, harden them off and transplant to the garden or to containers spacing them 9-15″ apart.  Grow in full sun.

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