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The Peace Lily has been an iconic houseplant for decades thanks to its forgiving nature, vibrant glossy leaves, and symbolic white blooms. This plant’s large leaves will give any space a lush jungle feeling. The peace lily has come to symbolize prosperity, purity, peace, and sympathy, making it a perfect heartfelt gift. More likely to bloom in bright indirect light, this plant tolerates any level of indirect light, including low light. Peace lilies are easy to grow, making them a popular choice for houseplants and one of the top selections of air-purifying indoor plants.


Peace lilies should be watered about once a week. The soil should be kept moist, but only watered when dry. The plant will wilt dramatically if it gets too dry, but a thorough watering should quickly fix this. Peace lilies don't need to be repotted often, only when roots start to poke out of the bottom of the pot.


Note: Calcium oxalate crystals are present in the plant cells and, if consumed, can cause toxicity in pets and children. The most common side effect is burning of the mouth, throat, and tongue.

Peace Lily

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