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This cute planter contains two succulent plants: Tiger Tooth Aloe and Panda Plant.


Kalanchoe tomentosa “Panda Plant” is a velvety, green succulent with brown spots on the tips of the leaves. It does very well indoors, and is great for beginners.


Tiger Tooth Aloe is a unique and beautiful Aloe with white spots. The spiked leaves stack and form a rosette. When “happily stressed,” green leaves turn reddish-brown. It does well in warm and dry climates. It’s very tough and adapts easily to new environments. The “teeth” are spines that form along the leaves' edges, making the rosette look like a tiger's jaws. Stems can reach up to 2' tall and the plant readily produces offsets.


Plant your Tiger Tooth Aloe in a location that is exposed to at least six hours of sunlight each day. Tiger Tooth Aloe will thrive in partial shade to full sunlight, but they should be slowly introduced to direct, hot sunlight. Like other succulents, you should water your Tiger Tooth Aloe thoroughly and allow the soil to dry between watering sessions.


Tiger Tooth Aloe is toxic to animals, so keep away from pets.



Succulent Planter

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