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Tatsoi is a low-growing annual with small, spoon-shaped leaves. It's native to Japan, where it has been cultivated since 500 AD. Tatsoi is a close relative of bok choy and is part of the Brassica rapa family, which also includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale.


Tatsoi is a staple in Asian cooking and has a mild mustard flavor. Both the leaves and stems of tatsoi are edible. To prepare tatsoi, you can cut off the base and rinse the leaves. Keep the soil moist to avoid a bitter taste.


The plant looks similar to spinach; however, the stems and veins are white and sweet. The plant with its distinctive green, spoon-like leaves, only grows to about an inch high, but it can reach a foot across! This little plant thrives in cool weather; it can even withstand temps down to -15 degrees  and can be harvested out from under a snowfall.

Tatsoi Cabbage

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Color: Green
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