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Caution! With an extremely high heat level- an estimated Scoville rating of more than 800,000 - this hybrid Ghost pepper seriously brings the heat. Fruits mature about 10 to 12 days earlier and have higher yields than open-pollinated ghost varieties.


This extremely hot pepper plant grows to around 2 ft. tall and produces high yields of 2 1/2" long pods - more than other Ghost pepper varieties! These pods are shaped like miniature lanterns and may look wrinkly like Habaneros, but they have smooth and shiny skins to them. Wicked Ghost peppers mature to a deep red color with pointed ends like their parent strain.


Use Wicked Ghost peppers to make a great homemade chili powder, or to add to your soup, salsa, and other delicious meals. Be sure to use proper protection when handling these super hot peppers!

Wicked Ghost Pepper

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Color: red
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