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How far apart should I plant my veggies?

Updated: Jun 13

As you make your plan for this year's garden, you'll want to factor in how much space your veggie plants will need. 


For tomatoes, you should plant them 18-24 inches apart, depending on the type of tomato and whether you are going to stake it up to grow vertically. You you will want to make the rows far enough apart  that you can walk through to harvest, weed, and maneuver, so plan 24-36 inches between rows for a walkway. Peppers don’t get as tall or as large as tomato plants, so these can be planted 12-18 inches apart.


Allow 2" to 3" spaces for carrots, bunching or green onions and radishes. Bush beans should be planted 2" to 4" apart. Cucumbers can be planted 2" to 3" apart if you are going to grow them up a fence or trellis or 8" to 10" apart if they will be growing on the ground. Beets, garlic, leeks, spinach, onions and turnips need 4" to 6" of space between them on all sides, while celery, leaf lettuce and Swiss chard require 6" areas. Allow 10" to 12" on all sides between head lettuces. Corn does best in blocks for pollination purposes and should be planted about 12" apart in raised bed blocks or rows. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and cabbages need roughly 15" to 18" of space. Zucchini and other summer squash require about 24" to 36" to spread out, while vining crops like pumpkins or winter squash prefer 36" to 60".

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