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This variety is all about aroma and taste. You’ll smell its remarkable fragrance before you even see it and once cut, you’ll experience a flavor that hints of honey. Compact vines are ideal for small spaces, yet still allow for the unbeatable taste and flavor of vine-ripened fruits! Ribbed 6-8 lb. fruits with strong netting measure about 8-in. across and are packed with succulent, juicy, tender, peachy-orange flesh with musky, honey sweetness. Hardy plants are resistant to fusarium wilt and powdery mildew.


10 seeds per packet

Aphrodite Cantaloupe Seed

SKU: Seeds 73
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  • Sow seeds directly in the garden after the soil is thoroughly warm or, for an even earlier harvest, start them indoors in pots. Set out transplanted seedlings 18 inches apart with 4 feet between each row, or plant seeds in hills 4 feet apart, with 2 to 3 plants per hill. Ready to harvest when the stem slips easily from the fruit with slight pressure and the rind turns from greenish to yellow-tan. 

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