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Chandelier Plant is a lovely, unique-looking succulent that looks like, you’ve guessed it, a chandelier. It is a rapid-growing plant, and it is really easy to care for. It’s so easy to care for a Chandelier Plant that you actually have to learn to control its spread as part of its caring routine. This succulent has very basic growing requirements, and it is highly adaptable to different environments, which is why it is great for beginner growers. It is also commonly known as Mother of Millions.


Chandelier Plant has evergreen foliage and beautiful red flowers, which make it an excellent decorative houseplant. It doesn’t like wet feet, and you should avoid overwatering. It requires well-draining soil that allows excess water to go through it. It’s best to keep your Chandelier Plant in moist but never soggy soil. It loves sunny spots and needs full, direct sun to thrive.


This succulent propagates easily by dropping the little plantlets or baby plants that grow at the top of its leaves. After a while, the plantlets root and grow wherever they land.


It is extremely important to know that Chandelier Plant is toxic and can be a real danger to pets or wildlife. 

Chandelier Plant

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