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Flat-leaf parsley is far more nutritious than the curly type. Cut the entire plant at once for drying the leaves as a spice, or harvest the individual leaves as you need them. The plant will keep sprouting new stems all season long. Ornamental enough to put in the flowering annual bed as well as the herb garden, this plant is a biennial but should be grown as an annual (it flowers early the second year, destroying the rich flavor of the foliage). You will love it in the sunny garden.


Approx. 150 seeds per packet

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Seeds

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  • Parsley seeds take a while to get going, so you may want to soak them overnight before sowing. If you're beginning them indoors, be sure to transplant them as soon as they have two sets of true leaves (and the soil is warm), because they have a long root and resent being transplanted once they have begun to leaf out. If you're growing them in a pot for the kitchen window, select a container that is long and narrow rather than wide and shallow, to give the root room to run.

    Plant seeds 1/8–1/4 inch deep and keep moist. Seeds may take 3–4 weeks to germinate at soil temperatures between 50–75°F. Transplant 8–12 inches apart.

    Harvest outer sprigs throughout the summer and fall. The cold hardy plants survive most winters and then bolt to seed the following spring.

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