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Easy to grow, non-climbing dwarf vines grow to approximately 30 inches tall and hold their pods up for easy picking. A prolific producer, the mild-flavored broad pods are 4-5 inches long, and frequently set in doubles. An Oregon State University development, Oregon Sugar Pod II is highly disease resistant. Should be planted every few weeks for continuous production.


75 Seeds per Packet

Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea Seeds

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  • In early spring, as soon as soil can be worked, plant peas in full sun in well-worked, fertile soil. Sow seeds 1 inch deep and 2 to 3 inches apart. Sow seeds in wide rows or bands 3 inches across, spacing the wide rows 2 feet apart. Provide supports for these 2 1/2 foot vines at planting time. Protect from marauding birds with netting or floating row covers if necessary. If first sowing doesn’t germinate evenly, replant right away as new seedlings catch up quickly. 

    Pick peas frequently when pods are fully formed but still flat with tiny immature peas. Snow peas are delicious in stir-fries with ginger, soy sauce and garlic, but cook very quickly, just until they turn a deeper green color. Or enjoy the juicy pods as you pick them fresh from the vines.

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