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You Will Love Having This Colorful Little Plant in Your Home

The Peperomia Cupid is also known as Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata,’ comes with heart-shaped leaves that are very aesthetically pleasing and can be a great addition to your space. 


The Peperomia Cupid is native to tropical regions such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. These plants usually cling to other large trees, which is why they look so delicate. But despite their delicate appearance, these plants are very resilient, and you do not have to be extra careful when caring for them. 



The optimal light for the Peperomia Cupid is bright and indirect light.  The more light you give your plant, the better it will grow. If your plant does not get adequate sunlight, it may result in stunted growth. 



You must use well-draining soil so your plant does not suffer water logging. The extra moisture will ruin your plant and its roots leading to root rot. This is why you must have drainage holes at the bottom so that all the excess water drains out. You can also add peat moss and perlite to ensure that your plant has just the right amount of moisture in the soil. 



These plants store water on their own. You do not have to worry about watering them constantly. Overwatering is a big problem, and that can ruin the Peperomia Cupid. Before you water your plant, make sure that the soil is a little dry before you can water it. The soil should be dry for two inches deep; you have to water the plant for at least seven to fourteen days. 

Peperomia Cupid

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