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Pothos are popular vining houseplants that look great displayed in hanging baskets and planters. They are low-maintenance and come in a number of different colors, sizes, and shapes.

The Snow Queen pothos is a stunning variety that displays highly variegated white and green leaves. Often confused with the Marble Queen pothos, the Snow Queen pothos can be distinguished by its coloring, which is more variegated and white than the Marble Queen cultivar.

Be aware that Snow Queen pothos, like all pothos plants, is considered toxic to pets and people.


Snow Queen Pothos will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. It can also survive lower light conditions, however the white color in the leaves can be lost and revert to green if the light is too low. Avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.


Pothos like their soil kept on the drier side. Water well and allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. In the winter, allow the soil to completely dry between watering.

Snow Queen Pothos

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