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The Sunspot Sunflower is a lovely, dwarf sunflower variety that produces big heads that are an easy to grow garden beauty! This sunflower's stalks only reach 2' feet high. Sunspot is ideal for borders and small gardens.


Sunflowers are very tough and can grow in nearly any soil, but prefer full sun. Sunflowers need water the most during their growth period, which is 20 days before and after flowering. Sunflowers typically do not require fertilizing because they grow so easily, but a slow-release granular fertilizer can be added to poorer soils as the better the soil, the bigger the flowers will grow.Sunflowers bloom at around 120 days. 


Tips: Do not grow Sunflowers near potatoes or pole beans, as their leaves, seeds and stems emit a substance that inhibits some other plant’s growth.

Sunspot Sunflower

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