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Just the name brings back memories of family and fun in the summertime sun. Make even more as you slice into this classic juicy, richly sweet watermelon. An All-sweet type. Sunsugar matures at 18-21 pounds of premium picnic feasting. Vigorous 6-ft. vines are very productive and offer sunburn protection for the blocky shaped fruits containing medium sized seeds.

Sunsugar Watermelon

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Expected to be ready in early May
  • Transplant outdoors after all risk of frost in rows 4-6 feet apart with 48 inches between. Melons require a bright, warm growing season of about 3 months duration. 

    Full sun and sheltered location with soil pH of 6.0-7.0. Melons are moderate feeders which require plenty of compost added to the soil. Regular feedings during the season with a well balanced fertilizer or compost tea are highly beneficial.


    Harvest watermelon when the curly tendril that intersects the main stem with the stem on the fruit has completely dried and turned brown and the underside of the melon, where it sits on the ground, is yellow.

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