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Baby Bunny Bellies Tradescantia is a climbing or trailing plant which bears fuzzy foliage which feels silky like the underbelly of a baby bunny. The velvety green leaves have soft, vibrant purple undersides. This plant is easy to grow indoors when given sufficient light and is perfect for a hanging basket. It grows to a height of 6-8 inches and can trail up to 2 ft. wide. Pruning keeps it neat and rejuvenates growth. Repotting is necessary when it becomes extremely pot-bound. Baby Bunny Bellies are easy to propagate from stem cuttings. 

Tradescantia Baby Bunny Bellies

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  • Despite their delicate appearance, baby bunny belly plants are pretty resilient and can tolerate various conditions. Wait until the soil has dried out before watering. If the leaves are starting to droop, it most likely needs a drink. This plant requires bright, indirect sunlight, so position it about 3 feed away from the nearest window. 

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