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A unique squash that deserves a place in your garden and at your dinner table. Harvest the 5–8 inch fruit when they turn tan or yellow. Bake like any other winter squash, and use a fork to flake out the noodley-looking flesh that easily separates into delicious spaghetti-like strands. Top with your favorite sauce. Yum! Savory flavor that is delicious, and low calorie, with a simple bit of butter and salt. Each plant can yield 5 to 7 squash. Plan for 5–6 foot vines.


20 seeds per packet

Vegetable Spaghetti Squash Seeds

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  • When the soil temperature reaches an average of 60 degrees F, plant the seedlings in very rich soil 8-10' apart in rows 10-12' apart. Another option is to plant the seedlings in hills of two, 8-10' apart. To direct sow, plant the seeds a week after frost 1/2" deep, 3-4' apart and thin to 8-10' apart.

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